Picnic Party

Picnic Party

Summer is here! 

Picnic parties are the perfect way to get you and your loved ones out and about.

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or just a casual get-together, make it extra special with just a few little touches.

DIY Picnic Party Checklist 

1. Choose a colour scheme

Natural colours like ivory, beige and tan always look classy but a nice pop of colour, like yellow or bright blue adds some fun to the festivities.

2. A Picnic Table or Picnic Mat

If you want a real picnic feel, choose a picnic blanket and low tables. Here’s one we’ve prepared earlier for you. 

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to bring a tablerunner & napkins to add some flair and play up your colour scheme. 

3. Have somewhere comfy to sit

A great picnic mat (or two). Floor cushions are a great idea but for those who can’t sit on the floor, bring a sturdy chair.

Don’t forget to bring a throw or blanket for when the weather gets cooler!

4. Food is served

Forget plastic disposable plates & cutlery and invest in sustainable serving platters, crockery and cutlery. Your food really will taste better served beautifully. 

5. Personalise it!

Don’t forget to bring a basket of activities with you. Bring a large basket and add whatever takes your fancy. Soccer balls, frisbees, jump-ropes and coits never go out of style!

These are just some ideas that can elevate your picnic party up a notch. The main thing is to enjoy your time out in the sun with your loved ones!

A x 

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Picnic Party